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Our commitment to nature

Our history

For many years, our plan was to go to the provinces to change our way of life and be in line with our values.

At the end of 2019, we finally made the decision to leave everything behind to write a new page in our history. After a few months of research and training, we settled in the Gard, in the heart of nature, in an old farmhouse steeped in history.  

Our goal is to renovate this authentic building in an eco-responsible approach while preserving our environment. Birds, rabbits, wild boars, frogs, butterflies and dragonflies love to take refuge in our meadows… while waiting for future companions. By coming to the estate you participate in the preservation of this heritage.

Why Pélipa? It is a Native American name meaning "horse lover".  

Today, we offer you a return to basics, to the basics, for a soothing stay with friends or family in a timeless setting. 


Our actions

photo planète.png

At our level, we act positively to preserve our natural environment.

1- We buy local and / or organic and especially seasonal products.

2- We avoid unnecessary e-mails with the entire earth in copy, and empty the recycle bin regularly.

3- We reduce our consumption of meat and fish as much as possible by choosing only labels that respect animal welfare.

4- We replace the plastic bottles with gourds.  

5- We leave our car in the garage for short trips and limit our trips.

6- We buy less clothing and prefer second-hand products.

7- We set our heating to 19 ° C maximum. We are in the process of energy renovation to optimize our consumption (wood stove, thermal inertia radiators, heat pump, etc.).

8- We do not use any product for our vegetable garden, our olives are picked by hand and we plant flowers for the bees. The garden is only watered with rainwater and we carry out mulching to reduce water consumption.

9- We sort all our waste by compacting it and use compost.

10- We adopt our animals in shelters.

11- Our household products and cosmetics are environmentally friendly.

12- We turn off all electrical appliances and lights as much as possible when leaving a room and replace all bulbs with LEDs.

13- We always favor renovation or repair rather than replacement.

14- We collect garbage around our home.

Pour le jardin
  • Natural vegetable garden without product

  • Planting flowers and fruit trees for bees

  • Watering the garden only with rainwater and mulching to reduce water consumption

  • Practice of eco-grazing

Pélipa et Sven allongés
For animals
  • Reducing our consumption of meat and fish and choosing labels that respect animal welfare

  • Volunteering at the CHEVAL Shelter in Salindres

  • Adoption of our animals in shelters and reception of spent hens

  • LPO shelter and WWF donor

  • Limitation of night lighting

Water Management
  • Replacing plastic bottles with filtered tap water

  • Collecting rainwater to water the vegetable garden and water the animals

  • Water savers for faucets and dual-flow showers and flushers

Responsible purchasing
  • Achat de produits locaux et/ou bio et surtout de saison

  • Produits ménagers et cosmétiques respectueux de l'environnement

  • Sélection des appareils électriques à faible consommation

  • Choix de la rénovation ou de la réparation plutôt que du remplacement

Déchets & économie d'énergie
  • Limitation of car journeys, travel on foot or by bike for short distances

  • Permanent energy renovation by optimizing our consumption (wood stove, thermal inertia radiators, heat pump, etc.)

  • Sorting of all waste and composting

  • Optimizing email management to reduce digital pollution

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